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        Family Programs

We are part of the caring communities and we offer services that allows children to learn and grow through educational, social and recreational activities. The programs also provide support and resources to families and help them develop support networks. The programs include Family Support Services and kids and youth program.

    United Action Youth Programs

Kids and youth Program provides programs and an opportunty for kids and youth to socialize, participate in fun activities, and get support. It also allows kids and youth to learn new skills and get involve in worshops and discussions on variety of interesting topics.

Homework Assistance Program

    *      Homework help, reading, writing, Maths, Science, French and more
    *     arts and crafts,
    *     martial arts,
    *     music,
    *     workshops, nutrition education, and
    *     African culture and history

Saturday: 12:00pm - 2:00pm

Sierra Leone Centre
1949 Weston Road, Suite 202
York, ON M6N1W8
Intersection: Weston Road & Sheppard Avenue West

To register and for additional information, please click here
or contact:
Tel: 416-564-8390

     Union of Women Programs
Women` Group

The women`s group provides an opportunity for women to come together and engage in a variety of social and recreational activities, aimed at fostering socialization and developing skills.

     Interpretation & Translation Services

SLECUO provides interpretation and translation services that help reduce language barrier.  We provide translation and interpretation in Sierra Leonean languages or tribes, including: Mende, Temne, Limba, Krio (Creole), Loko, Mandigo, Fula, Kono, Kuranko, Sherbo, Susu, Yalunka, Kissi, and Kru. We also work with network of language interpreters and service providers. Our clients include: individuals, businesses, legal, immigration, medical, government, and other service providers.

   Sierra Leone Heritage Program

The program helps to connect children and adults of Sierra Leonean descent to their heritage through learning Sierra Leonean languages, especially Krio (Creole), culture, history, and values, including: sense of community, respect for elders and authority, and self-determination.  The program also provides an opportunity to celebrate Sierra Leonean history and heritage through events, festivals, arts, and projects.

 Men`s Group

This program develop and promote a strong community of men through support, friendship, camaraderie, and brotherhood. It allows th tcome together for companionship, share ideas, tell stories, socialize, activities, and mentor each other in the spirit of friendship and brotherhood.

Seniors` Club

The Seniors` Club is to promote active living through workshops, socialization, friendship, and supportive relationship among its members. The Seniors` Club provides a platform for seniors 55 years to meet regularly, engage in conversation, make friends, and participate in recreational activities and workshops that help to improve physical and health conditions.
The activities include: exercise, games, occasional trips, outing, potluck, dinners, events, information, and workshops on various topics, etc.

Sierra Leonean Canadian Union of Ontario (SLECUO)
 is a registered non-profit Association that promotes community spirit and support community members so as to enhance their well-being.


  1765 Weston Road, Unit 1810
      York, ON M9N3P7
      Tel: 416-564-8390

      Email: info@slecuo.org
     Website: www.slecuo.org
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