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Help support the disadvantaged & orphan kids in Sierra Leone

Help kids is a project designed to help orphans and other underprivileged kids and their families with food, clothing, school materials, school fees, medical expenses and other needed supports. Many children have lost their parents or guradians during the Ebola outbreak in Sierra Leone. The United Kingdom Charity "Street Child" reported that more than 12, 000 children have become orphans by the Ebola virus. These orphans and other poor children are faced with enormous challenges, including:
  • No parent to look after them. Theses kids are left to wander on the streets, beg or steal food and other items.
  • Living in the poorest communities with limited or no access to supports.
  • Lack of shelter, food (hungry), shoe, and clothing
  • Unable to access schooling due to inability to pay school fees, buy uniforms, bags, books, stationary, and school materials, long distance to the nearest school, and other related issues.
  • Lack of access to health care
  • Some kids are being forced to sell items on the streets or engage in sex work or crime to earn money for food and other needs.
These kids need your support. A small donation will make a big difference in their lives.
How you can help these kids:
You can donate money
You can donate items, including: clothing, school materials, computers, lap tops, and other items.
You can help raise fund, for example, through your family, friends, neighbours, businesses, organizations, and other ways.
With your support, a child will be able to go to school and receive nutritious food, educational materials, health and other needed supports.

Donation options

1.  If you use online or mobile banking, you can send your donation through INTERAC e-transfer to:
     Sierra Leonean Canadian Union of Ontario
     Email: info@slecuo.org

2.  To danate by cheque, please make a cheque payable to:
     Sierra Leonean Canadian Union of Ontario
     1765 Weston Road, Unit 1810
     York, ON M9N3P7, Canada

3.  To donate in person and for information on other donation options, please contact us at:
     416-564-8390 or 416-838-8741


Money order or cheque
Payable to:

Sierra Leonean Canadian Union
                of Ontario                       
1749 Weston Rd, Suite 202         York, ONM9N 1w8
Tel: (416) 564-8390

Visa\MasterCard, etc.


Email: info@slecuo.org

For more information, please Contact:
416-564-8390 or 416-838-8741



Sierra Leonean Canadian Union of Ontario (SLECUO)
 is a registered non-profit Association that promotes community spirit and support community members so as to enhance their well-being.

The  Sierra Leone Assist Centre is a  place where the Sierra Leone Union  provides resources and services to Sierra Leoneans and other individuals in the broader community 


  1949 Weston Road, Suite 202
      York, ON M9N1W8
      Tel: 416-564-8390

      Email: info@slecuo.org   
     Website: www.slecuo.org
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