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Sierra Leonean Canadian Union of Ontario-the Umbrella

The Sierra Leonean Canadian Union of Ontario (SLECUO) is a non-profit umbrella organization established to promote the best interests of the community and improve the well-being of Sierra Leoneans, African Canadians, Caribbeans, and other communities in Toronto and Ontario as a whole through capacity building and services.

A vibrant community in which community members receive support and contribute to the development of the community.

Mission Statement
SLECUO`s mission is to build and sustain a prosperous community through capacity building and services.

  • To provide information and forum for interaction and socialization;
  • To represent and advocate on behalf of our community on matters, such as: welfare, development, and integration;
  • To support other community organizations
  • To establish and operate a community centre for promoting the best interests of the community;
  • To provide and /or promoting athletics, arts, recreational, educational, civic emergency, social services, and other community programs and endeavours for the benefit of the community;
  • To advance youth education by providing workshops, trainings, and intervention programs;
  • To organize and/or sponsor social and cultural events, festivals, pageants, and conventions;
  • To inform and promote public awareness about the current affairs, history, traditions, and rich cultural heritage of Sierra Leone;
  • To liaise and collaborate with other organizations to promote community interests;
Our Core Values
  • Respect
  • unity
  • Love
  • Inclusiveness

Sierra Leonean Canadian Union of Ontario (SLECUO)
 is a registered non-profit Association that promotes community spirit and support community members so as to enhance their well-being.


  1765 Weston Road, Unit 1810
      York, ON M9N3P7
      Tel: 416-564-8390

      Email: info@slecuo.org
     Website: www.slecuo.org
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