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You can also support
the mudslids & flood survivors

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Sierra Leone mudslids & flood survivors Fund

The Sierra Leone Union of Ontario (Umbrella) has launched the Sierra Leone Mudslids & Flood survivors Fund in order to raise fund to support people affected by the flash flooding and mudslides in Regent and surrounding areas in Freetown.

The mudslid & flooding was overwhelming. The entire community was wiped out, caused by the heavy rain, flooding and mudslides. According to Authorities, about 500 people were killed and many people lost their homes and other properties.

The affected people are in need of food, shelter, clothing, health care, and other basic needs.  We are appealing to individuals, organizations, groups, businesses, and individuals to join us support the flood victims.

You can donate generously to support this humanitarian needs.

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Sierra Leonean Canadian Union
                of Ontario                       
1749 Weston Rd, Suite 202         York, ONM9N 1w8
Tel: (416) 564-8390

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Email: info@slecuo.org

For more information, please Contact:
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Sierra Leonean Canadian Union of Ontario (SLECUO)
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The  Sierra Leone Assist Centre is a  place where the Sierra Leone Union  provides resources and services to Sierra Leoneans and other individuals in the broader community 


  1949 Weston Road, Suite 202
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      Tel: 416-564-8390

      Email: info@slecuo.org   
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